Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts.

Abducted Sisters BDSM Comics by Gary Roberts.

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Nude Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts.

Abducted Sisters and Cruelly Kidnappers Episode 2.

Britney Spears at a concert in Miami and Florida behaved as a whore and stupid bitch. Millions starfuckers and cruelly kidnappers saw her nude Britney Spears topless. After the concert the spoilt rock-star was abducted by beautiful sisters. Then a horrible nightmare of humiliation abuse starts for the young celebrity Britney Spears. In a dungeon she was fastened with handcuffs to a wall and cruelly whipped until the blood appeared on her juicy breasts and luxurious ass. It is pleasant for starfuckers to torture and humiliate Britney Spears forced in BDSM comics. Abductors brutally torture and cruelly punish the nude bitch for disobedience. The young gentle beauty did not use to such manipulations so she prays her new masters for mercy. "Stop!!! Please!!! ...No No No!!! Don't fuck me" - screaming in hysterics abducted Britney Spears. But kidnappers are cruel and they brutally fuck the whore in her small ass causing Britney strong pain. The bitch again prays for mercy and that makes the kidnappers angry.... They decide to teach sexy Britney to obey to her masters. Two long cocks are deeply shoved into her pussy penetrating her cervix. Britney Spears groans from the passion captured her, all her naked body voluptuously twitches. She likes brutally sex and cruelly beating. Starfuckers by Gary Roberts. Britney Spears - celebrity comics. Abducted Sisters decided to punish the bitch and connected electrodes to her nipples and pussy. The abductors loved that idea too so they began supplying current and enjoying Britney's torments, shouts and groans. The cruelly mistress took the heated rod and brutally branded the bitch, having left her emblem on Britney's firm breast. Nobody will hear her shouts and see the slave's torments. Britney Spears comics only for you.
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Violence Comics and great BDSM artist Gary Roberts.

Here are the best BDSM Comics of the great artist Gary ROBERTS. The full collection of all episodes Britney Spears Comics, Abducted Sisters Comics, Witch Hunt Comics, Buffy in Hell Comics, The Naked Earth Comics, Secret Police, Abductors and Dungeon, Black Van and Yakuza Slavegirls. Slave Ranch by Gary Roberts - new cruelly BDSM comics. All pictures in original size and films are in a HQ format, and more bonuses. Every BDSM comics has got great and full exclusive descriptions from extreme bdsm writer. Precise lines, tremendous colors and an original plot give indescribable sensations to everyone who has been here at least once. Here you can find everything that cannot be realized. Your choice is made, stay only to sign-up! Abduction of nude Britney, their tortures, humiliation and torments - all this is only a beginning of the big BDSM comics. Naked celebrity and nude bitches shout from pain when they are severely violated by abductors. Huge cocks tear small wholes of their big asses and starfuckers make them suck their cocks and lick balls. Gentle firm breasts are filled with blood from constant beating for disobedience. Strapon's are shoved into wet bitches' slits to always be ready to serve the master. The two masked kidnappers take their victims to the new hideout. One of the kidnappers decides to work on the sexy nude policewoman sisters. Another abuses the brunette sexually sister while he forces the sexy nude Britney to watch while he tortures her with electrodes on the most sensitive parts of her naked body. The girls are cruelly tortured and abused to satisfy the sadistic lust of their kidnappers. Are you ready to become their master? Join, Gary Roberts makes your dreams come true.
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Abducted Sisters BDSM Comics by Gary Roberts.

Britney Spears Comics Episode 2. Starfuckers Episode 2.

Late at night topless sisters Madonna and Britney Spears came back home from school. Beautiful Celebrity's passionately kissed on eyes beside amaze publics. Suddenly they heard the break chatter and the three kidnappers bound them and brutally threw into a car. So started a new life of the abducted sisters Britney and Pamela in BDSM comics. Starfuckers have thrown the naked bodies of young beauties in a cellar equipped for tortures. For the beginning they tied nude Britney to a ceiling and started whipping her gentle body. "No.... No... Stop!!! pls..." the abducted sister begged, but with each new lash she felt her pussy becoming wet. That was so pleasant so she started loving it. So naked Britney Spears and nude Jennifer Lopez became the whore who wanted to be cruelly fucked by abductors in porn comics by Gary Roberts. She made a mistake because the tyrants decided to punish her having noticed her lust. The unbearable pain has pierced Britney. Abductor shoved his thick cock in her and tore up the tight whole in her gentle ass. Abducted sisters shouted, but nobody heard her because the second evildoer has brutally driven his cock into her mouth. Angelina Jolie watched in horror the sufferings and torments of her abducted sisters while the third kidnapper approached her. The abductor grabbed Pamela and threw her before nude Britney Spears. "Lick your sister Britney", he ordered, but Pamela hesitated and was cruelly punished, having received a brutal slap on her face. Her head was spinning, she had ringing in her ears, but she saw the wet pussy of her  abducted sister and decided to lick it to avoid further punishments in BDSM art comics. "I will teach you to obey", shouted the abductor in anger. He has brutally driven huge cock into her tight Britney pussy and began whipping her firm juice boobs with hatred and exasperation. So began humiliations, torments and tortures of the abducted sisters nude Pamela and sexy Britney Spears forced in comics Episode 2. Follow the punishment of the abducted sisters.
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